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Meant to be a valued tool for anyone in health care or kineseology, this is a workbook with over 330 pages of clinical application of anatomy.

Part I is a thorough yet concise reference. Each muscle is presented individually to optimally highlight how and where it attaches to the skeleton. At the end of this section, labeled muscle groups will give you an idea of how each muscle is situated in relation to the others around it.

In Part II, each page complies two to four muscles. They are left blank, and intended to be colored in by you. To the right of all the illustrations, you will have the opportunity to fill in important information (origin, insertion, innervation....). I recommend choosing individual colors for muscles based on nerve supply. For example, you might choose light purple for the median nerve. All the muscles innervated by the median nerve will be colored light purple. Perhaps all the radial nerve muscles will be red. And the musculocutaneous nerve muscles will be lime green! When it comes to exam time the color of each muscle might pop into your head, making it easy to identify exactly which nerves innervate which muscles!

Finally, Part III will cement and test your knowledge with another opportunity to fill in information about each muscle. In this part, each page has a skeletal upper or lower extremity, highlighting the origin and insertion of the given page’s muscle. This is your chance to master your understanding of how they connect to the body and what shape the muscle makes. Take a pencil and draw the muscle directly onto the page! You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from this. By drawing, you are learning visually and kinesthetically at the same time.

"My hope is that this book not only helps you gain confidence in the field of anatomy, but that it gives you a deeper appreciation and understanding of how the body moves and functions. This book was created to be your go-to anatomy reference, your academic colleague and companion. The best way to show it love is to fill it with notes, doodles, drawings, coloring, questions, ideas and insights."  -Sean de Lima, author.



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