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Meet your new anatomy companion.

Mastering anatomy can be easy! This book breaks down important information, and offers a variety of strategies to make learning simple, fun and easy.

This is the perfect tool for visual and kinesthetic learners.

Part I is a thorough yet concise reference. Each muscle is presented individually to optimally highlight how and where it attaches to the skeleton. At the end of this section, labeled muscle groups will give you an idea of how each muscle is situated in relation to the others around it.

In Part II, you get to color all of the muscles and nerve plexuses covered in Part I. Test yourself by labeling muscles and fill in critical information about each one. 

Finally, Part III gives you space to draw the muscles onto blank skeletons. Challenge yourself by connecting remembered information with the kinesthetic experience of sketching the muscle (ps. you do not need to be an artist to do this). 

"My hope is that this book not only helps you gain confidence in the field of anatomy, but that it gives you a deeper appreciation and understanding of how the body moves and functions. This book was created to be your go-to anatomy reference, your academic colleague and companion. The best way to show it love is to fill it with notes, doodles, drawings, coloring, questions, ideas and insights."  -Dr. Sean de Lima, author.


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